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I.S.H. Studying Services

I.S.H. Studying Services | Unique services for students

Studying may seem sweet at first glance, but a student will face many difficulties while moving in this direction. Are you aware of the various problems that students are struggling with? Do you know people who have not yet started their education due to such problems?

Starting and completing a course of study is in itself a very difficult task, and the addition of various problems before starting a course can discourage the applicant and even prevent him from starting his studies. These are problems that all students face and deal with. At first you might think that it would be easier if the student was at home with family and friends. Of course that is true! But this will not solve many basic problems and will only make some other cases easier.


The problems that students face before starting their studies are quite annoying for both groups of statistical communities; the first group who study in their place of residence and the second group who study in a city or even another country.

Also, due to the wide range of needs and complexities of the education, even those applicants who go to counseling or intermediary centers have problems, because many of these centers can not help them. Some of the problems that have always plagued students are:


Lack of integrated access to information of academic disciplines

 Inability to choose the right academic disciplines

 Lack of integrated access to grant plan information

 Lack of easy access to various activities of educational centers


Is there a solution to such problems? Is it possible to get rid of these problems before registering in educational institutions? Is there a way to help the student make this process easier? The answer to all these questions lies in one word:

I.S.H. studying Services

Our studying services will help applicants and centers that provide services to students to solve these problems. How? The answer is clear; Due to the extensive experience we have gained in countries such as Austria and Germany, as well as the important and extensive services we have implemented. All service providers to students can fully entrust the affairs of the applicants to us and make the best use of our wide range of services.

We know that solving these problems can solve many of the students' psychological problems. Just like if we travel to another country with a translator we will have a more enjoyable trip, our studying service is like a caring counselor to the applicants and even beyond that it can play an effective role in solving their problems.


We have provided clear solutions to even the smallest problems and questions that exist before the start of education so that students have no other worries than education. Also, due to the way our services are offered, which is done only through our partners in different countries, neither our partners nor the students will no longer have to worry about following up on the affairs because these services are available more easily than ever. 

We have designed important measures to solve the problems of applicants. For example, we have provided a comprehensive and integrated database of all available academic disciplines and all scholarships (in the countries where we operate).


Another service of I.S.H. is holding cross-border courses of educational centers online or face to face in different countries.

One of the unique features of our studying services is that many of these services can be used directly and independently by applicants. This means that we have put our database along with very efficient gadgets for quick access to information on our site completely free of charge so that all students as well as our partners who are members of the I.S.H. website have access to integrated information.


The result of our studying services is the perfect performance of the applicants, the reduction of the risk of actions, the significant reduction of costs and, most importantly, the saving of time.

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Registration and admission

Unique and integrated access to all educational disciplines and courses, from high school to Ph.D., offers a variety of options to applicants to help them choose their discipline or courses correctly.


Scholarship and grants

Unique and integrated access to all grant and scholarship plans is very practical. Using this service, applicants who need financial support during their education will no longer face the past problems.


Organization of educational centers activities

The unique access provided by this service makes it possible for students to benefit from online (or face-to-face) courses of the educational centers, and the past problems won’t hinder their success.

I.S.H. studying services are not limited to a few countries


We plan to expand our services in the near future and expand our scope of activities so that we can offer these services to students on a global scale. These excellent services are currently available in Austria and Germany, but we are trying to cover many other countries in the next 5 years.

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