Our accommodation service will be launched soon. In addition to saving students time searching for a suitable place to live, this service will also save them a considerable amount of money.

  • Reducing the risk of actions
  • Remarkable reduction of costs
  • Time saving
  • Performing affairs completely

Finding a quality and cheap house in the countries we work in is not easy and it is much more difficult for those who are new to these countries. The problem of housing is very important for students and for many of them is a major concern. It is very important that all the steps go well and the obstacles of the student path are removed, and the housing problem is one of the last obstacles that may cause trouble to the students. Even after housing and finding a home, students who move to a new city face many problems, including the high wages of dealers, lack of knowledge of the rules and lack of experience in concluding contracts and finding suitable places and so on, all are due to lack of information and experience living in a new city.



How I.S.H. housing service will help you


We have been providing valuable assistance to students for many years in this regard, and now we are trying to offer this service to applicants in the near future as a comprehensive service with a new and professional structure the same as our other current services. To improve this service, we strive to provide integrated information to all suppliers and rental facilities based on the structure we have designed, so that we can give applicants a wide choice by providing extremely easy access. Finally, this service can solve all the problems of students related to housing. By this service, you no longer have to think about sub-problems related to housing and you can focus all your attention on your main goal, which is education.

Popular Questions

Our services are offered to students (high school and university) and all studying applicants.

Our services are currently available in Austria and Germany.

Yes, all applicants who intend to study in one of the countries in which we operate can use our services.

Our services are offered to applicants through our partners. All applicants can apply through one of our partners and easily benefit from the services they need.

To facilitate applicants' access to our services, we offer these services to them through our partners in different countries.

The time required varies depending on the type of service, but generally takes between 7 to 180 days.

No, not only I.S.H., but also no other organization, company or private institution is allowed to provide such services.

The service invoice must be paid at the same time as the service order is registered for the applicant (through our partner).

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