Our insurance service will be launched soon. This service will help students choose a right insurance service provider and suitable plans based on their situation. They will no longer be confused about this.

  • Reducing the risk of actions
  • Remarkable reduction of costs
  • Time saving
  • Performing affairs completely

As you know, insurance has different types and plans, each of which is suitable for specific people. Of course, choosing the right insurance plan requires experience and knowledge. If applicants do not have enough information, they will incur huge costs. The fear of extra costs and other insurance-related problems create many barriers for students. Some of the main problems facing applicants who don’t know insurance conditions are:

• Inability to choose the right insurance provider and plan

• Inaccuracy in concluding an insurance contract

• Brokers abuse the lack of information of applicants

What is the solution to these problems for the applicants?



How I.S.H. Insurance Service will help you


Insurance service will be launched to meet the constant needs of students.

We plan to receive the best offers at affordable prices from reputable insurance service providers in our countries (and soon around the world) and provide all of these valuable plans to applicants. 

By this service, we can solve the applicants' problems related to insurance.

Having the right insurance is very important for people who want to study in another country or even their own country, but choosing plans that suit each person's situation requires intelligence and, if done correctly, guarantees the student's interests. This service provides information to students that is not readily available to everyone and can guarantee their benefits.

Popular Questions

Our services are offered to students (high school and university) and all studying applicants.

Our services are currently available in Austria and Germany.

Yes, all applicants who intend to study in one of the countries in which we operate can use our services.

Our services are offered to applicants through our partners. All applicants can apply through one of our partners and easily benefit from the services they need.

To facilitate applicants' access to our services, we offer these services to them through our partners in different countries.

The time required varies depending on the type of service, but generally takes between 7 to 180 days.

No, not only I.S.H., but also no other organization, company or private institution is allowed to provide such services.

The service invoice must be paid at the same time as the service order is registered for the applicant (through our partner).

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