Organization of activities

The unique access provided by this service makes it possible for students to benefit from online (or face-to-face) courses of the educational centers, and the past problems won’t hinder their success.

  • Reducing the risk of actions
  • Remarkable reduction of costs
  • Time saving
  • Performing affairs completely

Suppose an applicant has to travel to a city or even another country to take the university entrance exam. Due to the usual travel restrictions and the huge cost of such a trip, it is certainly difficult for students to attend training courses at these centers. Recent problems such as the COVID-19, as well as the time and cost required to travel to another city, are among the other problems facing the students. In fact, these are just a few of the many problems. Considering all these, we find that it is very difficult to access the training courses of educational centers outside the student's place of residence. This problem creates many problems for applicants to participate in training courses and even causes them to cancel their plans.



How I.S.H. Organization of educational centers activities service help you


To solve such problems, we have adopted unique methods so that applicants can easily access many entrance exams, training courses and various activities of different training centers. They can save money and time and travel only to continue their education and at their own discretion. Definitely one of our key services is holding educational center courses, which makes it possible for applicants to be able to successfully do everything online at their place of residence without a physical presence at the these centers. Now, we hold such courses and events in different countries, face to face or online, which has received a lot of attention from students. By this service, applicants can participate in various events without any restriction.

The cost of attending educational center courses depends on the type of these centers.

Popular Questions

Our services are offered to students (high school and university) and all studying applicants.

Our services are currently available in Austria and Germany.

Yes, all applicants who intend to study in one of the countries in which we operate can use our services.

Our services are offered to applicants through our partners. All applicants can apply through one of our partners and easily benefit from the services they need.

To facilitate applicants' access to our services, we offer these services to them through our partners in different countries.

The time required varies depending on the type of service, but generally takes between 7 to 180 days.

No, not only I.S.H., but also no other organization, company or private institution is allowed to provide such services.

The service invoice must be paid at the same time as the service order is registered for the applicant (through our partner).

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