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Unique and integrated access to all educational disciplines and courses, from high school to Ph.D., offers a variety of options to applicants to help them choose their discipline or courses correctly.

  • Reducing the risk of actions
  • Remarkable reduction of costs
  • Time saving
  • Performing affairs completely

Education is a very difficult task itself. However, the complex problems at the beginning of the way may even prevent students from continuing. 

The main problem of students is the lack of sufficient information. Nowadays it is much easier to access information of different disciplines through the Internet, but there is a big difference between integrated and categorized information with scattered ones from different sources. The big challenge for all students in the first stage is choosing the right discipline and educational center. Making the right choice requires comparing adequate and up-to-date information. The big challenge for all students in the first stage is choosing the right discipline of study.


How I.S.H. Registration and Admission service help you


To solve such problems for students, we have collected updated information of all disciplines of the countries in which we work, considering all the details to solve such problems in the best way. The valuable tool we designed provides all the information of the educational disciplines to the applicants for free. Now the lack of such a quality service is eliminated by the package of I.S.H. studying services. Many of these services do not require us to track the applicant’s affairs directly, because our comprehensive database is available to the public completely free of charge. However, if necessary, we will follow up on the applicants' affairs for costs that are very reasonable given the high quality and effective service.

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for up to BA students

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for MA students

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for Ph.D. students

Popular Questions

Our services are offered to students (high school and university) and all studying applicants.

Our services are currently available in Austria and Germany.

Yes, all applicants who intend to study in one of the countries in which we operate can use our services.

Our services are offered to applicants through our partners. All applicants can apply through one of our partners and easily benefit from the services they need.

To facilitate applicants' access to our services, we offer these services to them through our partners in different countries.

The time required varies depending on the type of service, but generally takes between 7 to 180 days.

No, not only I.S.H., but also no other organization, company or private institution is allowed to provide such services.

The service invoice must be paid at the same time as the service order is registered for the applicant (through our partner).

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